Finca/Country House Vilaflor Tenerife

Finca/Country House Vilaflor Tenerife
Sale €1,300,000 - Finca/Country House
RH-30032-property 800 1900 6 Bedrooms

Rare Opportunity – Old Canarian House in the municipality of Vilaflor. Unique in its exquisite design,- given the long period that it has been neglected, it has kept intact the original structure and the creative design used to take advantage of the wonderful climatic that Vilaflor has to offer, with high summer temperatures and lower temperatures in the winter months . The main spaces of the house are located south facing giving the greatest use of the sun rays during the colder months and provides sun protection during the hottest months.
The thick stone walls keeps the heat in the house during the winter and keeps the house cooler in summer months.

The House is made up of three buildings. The main building consists of three T-shaped together creating two courtyards, one leading through a porch, and rear with access from the street to the rest of the building. The building that gives the main facade has two floors, the first with a length of fourteen meters and is set back from the street, featuring an arcade on the ground floor consisting of five stone pillars with unique characteristics. The second floor with a facade of 6 meters of balcony with beautiful traditional carpentry. The third section of the Main Building, which forms the adjacent sides of the building and the central courtyard, has a unique feature, introducing two very long rooms facing the front and the outside and second facade to the courtyard, where there could be three bedrooms. The age of the structure invites us to think that originally there were two floors that were lost possible to fire or other cause. It could also be possible there was the intention of making a second floor with the work commenced but not finished.

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