Tenerife, the largest of the Canaries islands, is a wonderful place to live.

It can be easy to think of the Canaries as one homogenous group of sunny islands that offer the same things, but as it turns out, that’s not actually the case.

And it also might be misleading to think of Tenerife in terms of geographical halves of North and South. It is much more than an island that was purpose built to be a holiday destination. As such, each and every quarter of the island has something to offer, and people who have settled here or bought a holiday home have found they never run out of things to do.

So, what can you find on the Northern side of the island?

Let’s start with a charming settlement, officially known as Puerto De la Cruz and sometimes referred to as little Britain because for the longest time possible, this has been the favourite destination of many holiday goers from the UK.

That being said, this resort town is one of the best places to spend your holiday. Just on the edge of the island, there are two beautiful beaches for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. And for keen photographers, the photos from this place would look lovely as the black beaches provide excellent contrast to the colours around them.

If you are in need of some nourishment, then you can head into the town centre and get to enjoy some of the best dishes from the myriad of restaurants that dot the town.

One word of caution though. If you are someone who is facing a bit of issues with mobility, then Puerto De La Cruz may not be the best place for you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy the island. What you can do instead is head to El Sauzal.

El Sauzal is situated on terraces overlooking stunning views in Tenerife, along the north coast, with the vast dome of Mount Teide dominating the scene. Many properties there have simply amazing views and it’s a coveted area.

That said, the whole area from the North to North-East Tenerife is lovely, this includes Tacoronte, La Matanza, La Victoria, Santa Ursula and La Orotava. They’re all lovely Canarian towns, often with spectacular views, and all with easy access to the TF5. 

What of the South?

Some claim that the South is more beautiful than the North but it’s mostly due to people seeking a warmer and drier weather, and more flights land in the South.

Costa Adeje and Playa de la Arena are beautiful, popular areas, especially Del Duque which is quieter and from there it is easy to walk into Playa de la Arena. If Los Gigantes is known for ‘that view’, Playa de la Arena has ‘that beach’, and won a blue flag for excellence in every respect for over 25 years.  It is indeed one of the prettiest beaches in Tenerife, with its typical black sand and sheltered walkways provided by the curve of a very attractive cove. There are plenty of parking spaces lining the main road behind the beach, and cafés, bars and restaurants. It’s a rather idyllic holiday resort.

Many of the towns in the south carry an old charm from when fishing was the main activity of these islands. The myriad of bars and other entertainment spots have worked hard to enhance and conserve this charm.

Los Cristianos is a very popular area for holiday makers and property owners alike. Even though the old fishing town has slowly been assimilated into the city that is developing, the old charm remains, combining both modern amenities with rustic features.


As you can see, both North and South Tenerife have lots to offer, and the important is to come over and research areas so you can find your own favourite place on this beautiful island.